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About Martinis & Menopause

Are You a Hostage to Your Hormones?

Do you become a raging witch in 0-to-60 seconds flat, leaving burned corpses in your wake? Do you wolf down every salted chip and sugar-laden brownie in sight? Is your world so stressful that you just want to crawl in bed during the day and shut the lights off? Does it feel like your body is betraying you? You may have become a HORMONE HOSTAGE. And you, my friend, are not alone.

Martinis & Menopause is every woman’s guide to beating the hormone groan and thriving on the other side. This book will help you discover how to beat the hormone groan, break free from being a hormone hostage, and become a menopause survivor! 

This book offers: 

  • Ten of the most common menopause symptoms and how to treat each one effectively

  • Science-based strategies that will motivate you to live your best self

  • Martini and Mocktini recipes in every chapter (yum!)

This is your place to find knowledge about what’s going on with your body. Here at your fingertips is the easy-to-understand science (I promise!) on why these things are happening to you paired with do-able lifestyle tips to help you feel better and live better! 

I think you will help a lot of women with this book — and you make it very fun, with a “we’re in this together sisterhood” message. I also like how you incorporate your own personal experiences, while weaving in other women’s experiences as well.
— L. Godwin, Salem, OR