Let’s take a menoPAUSE…in the workplace

Hey, everyone! Today I want to talk with you about something I find really exciting - and that’s menopause in the workplace.

Now, before you tune me out, listen to this: there is a movement happening in the UK concerning women in menopause and the workplace - and they are actually doing something about it!

My book, Martinis & Menopause, is full of stories about women who are suffering with menopausal symptoms in the workplace. Maybe it’s hot flashes, or extreme irritability caused by hormones that are out of whack. Whatever the symptoms, the question is: what are we doing about this?

In the UK, they are taking their diversity and equity training time, focusing it on women who are menopausal, and asking the question - “How can women be better supported during this transition?”

Isn’t that AWESOME? Don’t we wish ALL of our workplaces were asking that question?

So, what are we going to do about it in the US? Well, to begin with, I like to remind women that we have to be real - and by that, I mean be who you are, and understand your symptoms. Secondly, speak up - find at least one friend at work you can talk to honestly about what you’re going through. How many times have you called in because of “the flu” or “a cold” - when in reality you were dealing with debilitating physical or emotional symptoms of menopause? Be real. Speak up.

You can also ask your company to invite someone - like me! - to speak with employees about women’s health and wellness issues, such as menopause, in the workplace. I would love to come into your workplace and start the conversation about how we can better support women who are menopausal. To get in touch, you can visit my website and leave me a message!

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