Stress Busting Tips!

When you quiet your mind, the soul will speak. — Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

It’s always the perfect time for a stress-busting tip!

Life gets so busy and sometimes the stress catches up to us. For many of us, it can often feel like it’s just too much. Maybe you have a huge deadlines at work, perhaps you’re cranky teenager is making you wonder why you decided to become a mom in the first place, or your partner feels a million miles away even though he sits in the next room. It’s time to find your personal peace, ladies.

Well, hang in there, sister. You aren’t alone and sometimes it’s the simple things that get us through.

One thing that we all can do is QUIET THE MIND. Deliberately taking a few minutes out of your day to calm your mind, to slow your breathing down. Where you can sit still for a few minutes and just let your mind be.

Particularly if you need an answer and you’re not sure what to do, sitting still for a few minutes, breathing slowly and quieting your mind will allow your mind to bring you the answer you’re seeking.

Find your personal peace. You’re worth it. (and maybe share this with that cranky teenager…)

Be kind to yourself and each other, tribe.


Liz BaconComment