Gratitude: it's what we have...


It’s Wednesday as I begin writing this and I am brain-tired from a training I just led. My self care ways are telling me to close my laptop and get ready for bed, but I am overflowing with gratitude and I feel like sharing about it. So I’ll set my timer for 15 minutes and see what happens.

Gratitude. What does it mean to feel grateful? Psychology Today says that: Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has—as opposed to, for instance, a consumer-driven emphasis on what one wants or thinks they need.

What one has as opposed to what one wants. No wonder I feel it.
Today I am grateful for all the connections I have.

I have my speaking work.


This world is filled with people longing for connection. Being in Scotland last month for Menopause Cafe’s #Flushfest 2019 proved that point perfectly. It’s hard to believe that a month has gone by since we arrived in Edinburgh on April 20, where I met women from around the world - women who have more in common with me than less. Women who worry about their changing bodies. Women like you, like me, like all of us. I felt that more than ever on this trip. We need each other. Women all over the world are ready - as I write this - to support one another. That means YOU. You are not alone. What a gift it was for me to see that. Being at the Menopause festival and hearing questions and stories from women across the globe about menopause, HRT, workplace issues, their triumphs and fears- it was simply amazing.  I was honored to keynote for them, and be present to tell my stories, and your stories, and to answer their questions. Please enjoy this report from the festival, the pics, and all the love.

I especially love this image of some of us speakers and organizers together. (I didn’t get to be in my underwear, ah well…)


Consider coming to FLUSHFEST 2020. We can go together!

(And for those who are extra interested, check out this great article from Daily Mail UK about my time there.


After that conference, I flew home knowing what a busy month I had in front of me. I waltzed into May feeling ready to take it on, and boy, did I ever! As of this writing, I have tallied 13 “contact” hours for the month of May. What that means is I have been on stage in front of an audience, speaking and teaching for 13 hours - which in my world is a lot.

SIDE NOTE: The professional speaking standard often says that for every hour you speak, you should rehearse/prepare 20-30 hours. (Thanks for that article, Patricia Fripp!)

So yeah, I’m tired and...I’m grateful for what I have.
Today I am grateful for all the connections I have.

I have my friends.


Some of the best people on this planet consider me their friend. I’m grateful to all of you who expressed interest on going on the Scottish journey with me and all of you who sent me on my way with positive thoughts and happy prayers.

My friends and family who cheer me on when I succeed and offer me a soft place to land when I need it. I thank you.  

So yeah, I have friends and...I’m grateful for what I have.
Today I am grateful for all the connections I have.

I have my people who listen to me; an actual audience.


When I first started speaking and many times as I wrote my book, I thought, who in the world is going to care about what I have to say? Self doubt creeps in and often my work and my friends (see above) kept me from quitting. Fast forward to now, I have you, dear reader, I have the audiences that greet me on those “contact” hours. The actor in me always loves to get up and perform - I love that. But I also have people who write me privately, asking about what I think and inviting me into their private life. I have followers on Facebook and followers on Instagram - you follow me and “like” me and share my posts and it all makes me smile.

I have an audience. It is such a privilege to meet people from around our country - to meet you, laugh with you and hear your stories - empowered to be our best selves.


That’s what keeps me going.

What keeps you going? What sustains you? I encourage you today to take a few minutes - or 15 like I just did - and make a list of what you’re grateful for - it may just change your perspective.

I am grateful for what I have. Thank YOU for being a part of that.


Self-care Share

Coconut Oil!


VitaCoco is my coconut oil of choice. I cook with it, moisturize and lubricate with it, and drink it in my morning Mate! I hope coconut oil is a staple in your kitchen (and bathroom, and bedroom) too! Organic, Virgin, cold-pressed- these are the words you’re looking for when shopping for your next jar. Healthy, healthy!

Where is Kelli Now?


The ADHA Annual meeting in Louisville Kentucky, where I’ll be emcee-ing the Opening Session from the big stage!

Will I see you there?

Have a peaceful Memorial Day weekend everyone.

Take care of yourselves out there and notice what you have.

Liz Bacon