Doing the Next Right Thing.

My social security number was hacked.


I received an email from a company I frequently do business with, and this particular email requested I fill out a form for them. It came from ‘Abby,’ the name of the women I had worked with for three years. It seemed legit - company logo, same look and feel - I had no reason to question it. Wrong, Kelli.

Turns out, it was a scam. Soon after I had filled out the form and sent it back, the company contacted me, telling me they had been hacked and to not fill out any forms...Uhhhhh…

Immediately I felt afraid. Who had my Social Security number? My address? How could I be so stupid? What could they DO to me?

Spiraling, spiraling...

I knew I had choices to make here. In that moment I was faced with that proverbial fork in the road. I felt chock-full of shame and fear. I knew I had a choice to make.

I could:

  1. Continue spiraling down the hole of “what ifs…”

  2. I could yell, rant, and get myself all worked up.

  3. I could take a deep breath and do the next right thing.

I chose C. I don't always choose C - but I did this day. I did the next right thing, and then the next, until I had eventually handled that email fiasco with a calmness that even surprised me.

Why the change in my freak-out mode? Two reasons. One - my self care strategies, y’all. I work daily to remind myself to pause when doubtful or agitated and that really helped me. The other reason is something new.

CBD to the Rescue


Lately, I have been daily taking a small amount of CBD oil.  My nerves are calmer, my anxiety is down, and I’m more relaxed in general. The effects are eye opening and jaw dropping. I am amazed enough to write about it here.

An avalanche of change is happening around marijuana. So much bad information out there, folks. I live in Oregon, a state that has had medical marijuana for over two decades and was one of the handful of states to legalize recreational marijuana early, I knew this would be a hot topic. Today we are inundated with newspaper and magazine articles about this wacky weed world we live in. Recently the farm bill of 2018 passed federally, CBD is now legal in all 50 states and farmers are growing hemp again. When we take THC out of the equation, the herb is no longer psychotropic.

I have been hired to speak on cannabis to businesses and associations for more than two years now and when I present on this topic, I like to cover the basics and answer these questions: What is the difference between THC and CBD? What do strains and terpenes have to do with anything? Is there a difference between medical and recreational marijuana? What are the risks and rewards?

Kelli, tell us how marijuana works in our bodies.

Of course! Our bodies are full of cannabinoid receptors, from our brain, to skin, to internal organs. When we supplement our own bodies’ production of cannabinoids by taking in CBD, the areas that were deficient in our bodies respond to the CBD. Thus, the claims of CBD oil helps with everything from chronic pain, to menstrual cramps, to anxiety and sleep. When the body takes in the CBD, the receptors get filled, and all systems work more efficiently. CBD alone does not produce a ‘high”. You need THC for that.

When I speak on this I am asked, “Well, if I can buy CBD products on Amazon, how do I know I’m getting high quality products?”(no pun intended)

Good question.

The cannabis world is quickly growing but it’s still the wild, wild west out there when it comes to standards and practices. I think I have found a company that produces a great product.

I am an affiliate to a company called Hempworx, whose products are organically grown, sourced in Kentucky, and the oil is CO2 extracted which results in a solvent free, pure extract.

I 100% stand behind the products from this company. I have vetted them, and use them, and believe in the quality so much so that I’m investing in them! Take a look at my Hempworx website if you’re interested. Some really great stuff.

The world is a wacky and wonderful place isn’t it? I wish you luck on your journey as you do the next right thing. I’ll see you out there!



Self Care Share


Hempworx 500 CBD oil

I take 5 drops in the morning and another half dropper before bed. Anxiety down, sweet sleep up. I like the mint flavor too!

OK, I think I have said all there is to say on marijuana.



Where in the World is Kelli Now?

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky! I’ll be emceeing the Opening Ceremonies Friday morning June 21st. If you are there, please come say Hi!

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