REAL TALK: Let’s Talk about Vaping


I’ve been reading the recent news on vaping, my friends, and it’s not good. Today, in my home state, a second Oregonian has died from vaping. Our governor is looking to ban all vaping products. Vaping is killing people.

Last week I talked about the benefits of using cannabis. As this drug comes of age, and we continue learning, it is crucial for us to find safe ways to ingest cannabis and nicotine and vaping ain’t it, folks. Reading all the recent articles, I am confident in saying that this is becoming a crisis.

As of this writing, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) here in the US claims 530 probable cases of vaping illness and thirteen deaths. People are falling ill and rushing to ER’s with severe respiratory distress. While the exact cause or causes of these sicknesses are not known, it is believed to have something to do with oils being inhaled into the lungs thru vaping- either nicotine or cannabis, particularly THC.

The NY Times reports that the CDC provided a demographic snapshot of who is being affected: Nearly three-quarters are male, two-thirds between 18 and 34. Sixteen percent are 18 or younger. Our babies are being poisoned. As a health care provider, a mother, and women who teaches others about cannabis, I am very alarmed by these findings.

The scariest part? We just don’t know yet what is causing this. Patients have reported using THC, CBD, and nicotine. Most experts agree that THC itself is not the culprit. Jacob Borodovsky, an epidemiologist at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis who has studied vaping says, “It’s likely that the processing of THC, rather than the compound itself, is the cause of recent lung issues, says …If I had to bet money on whether THC is causing these lung-related issues, I wouldn’t put it on the THC compound itself, I would put it on the way in which the THC is prepared and delivered.”

Our experts don’t know. You know by now that I am always an advocate for being mindful of what you are putting into your body; that means what you eat, or drink, ingest, or inhale.

 In my presentations, I teach the various ways in which people can consume cannabis- and it falls into three categories.

  • Topically (creams, lotions, and salves)

  • Ingesting (edibles e.g. chocolates, mints, gummies, etc)

  • Inhalation (smoking, dabbing and vaping)

If you or someone you love uses nicotine, cannabis, and marijuana – DON’T VAPE IT. Stop reading this article right now and throw away any vaping product you have. Your life is worth more than the price you paid for those things. Your mother will thank you, your husband will thank you, I thank you.

Bottom line: be safe out there.  



Liz Bacon