Simple Ain't Easy : Use “The Square” for Your Self Care

I’m at the Portland Airport, 6am on a Tuesday. Standing in a line behind a woman and her young daughter. I know it was her daughter because she couldn't stop saying “MOM I’M HUNGRY. MOM I’M TIRED. MOM HOW LONG ‘TIL WE GO IM BORED.” For a brief moment the woman and I lock eyes. I smile at her with a knowing, “I’ve been there” smile.

“It won’t always be this hard.” I say.  She looks doubtful.


Things get simpler. Children feed themselves, eventually. Motherhood, however,  isn’t easy. There’s a big difference.

I think about this concept often. Our lives are so full. My life is like so many who travel for work. Just this past week, I woke at 3:00 am and was in the car to the airport by 4:15 am. I boarded the plane at 5:30 am, flew across the country all day, stopping for a brief time in Atlanta, taking the airport tram, boarding again and onto Virginia I went. By 5:00 pm EST, I have traveled from one side of the country to the other. I’m already exhausted.

My travels have me in front of audiences who are hungry to learn. My message to them is usually around the topic of self care. By taking simple steps we can all begin to live our best selves, blah blah blah. I can speak these messages in my sleep. Sometimes I actually do, so says my husband. (Sorry, honey.)

I repeat the same message, with clever antidotes and colorful powerpoint slides. Drink water, you feel better. Meditate more, you will sleep better. Move your body, you will live longer. Over and over. It is practical information, and it always resonates. I am hired again, and I head out at 5am many days, to speak this message to another audience.

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I meet people everywhere who tell me the same thing. They are tired. They work too much and don’t sleep. They drink less water and more coffee. They are BURNED OUT, MAXED OUT,  STRESSED OUT and FREAKING OUT. What is it about self care that thwarts us? Why is it hard to make healthy choices?

Well, I don’t know all the answers to that. But I do know that it just isn’t easy. For many of us, me included, making healthy choices has to be conscious. And it is A LOT OF WORK.  Simple ain’t easy. It just ain’t.

Like we talked about last month, burnout is real and it isn’t funny. We have to take it seriously and relieve some of this stress. Burnout will kill you. It just will. Have I scared you? Well, good. Let’s get to work.

I love my job so much because I really believe in it. People often ask me, “How do you do it?” How do you keep going and stay involved in so many things?” The answer is simple- I believe in self- care. I believe in taking care of myself as an act of love, not only to me, but to those I love and serve.  Somedays it feels harder than others. So I’ve developed a method - a strategy to make it simple.

I am really excited to introduce what I’m calling my SELF CARE SQUARE. Basically, I break self care down into four main areas.

(Drum roll, please) Allow me to introduce you to the self care strategies.

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Physical wellness, Nutrition, Sleep, and Mental Wellness.

We will feel better and live better when we pay close attention to these 4 areas: It’s that simple.

Whether I’m empowering a group of employees to slay the workplace burn-out, or talking to a women’s group about living their best self through the menopausal years, I preach this gospel over and over. These four areas of self-care are the foundations of living well, whatever your circumstances.  They will save your life. They save mine every day.

By focusing on making simple, daily changes here, you can change your health and your outlook. You can save your own life.

But simple ain’t easy, right? There is a lot to unpack here, and I am asking you to join me. In the coming weeks I’ll blog a deeper dive into these self-care strategies. I’ll share about the tools you need to incorporate positive changes in these four areas of your life. I’ve spoken on my blog many times before about self care, the simple strategies to a healthier life, and now you and I are going to look at them again. Because it never gets old. Making a re-newed vow to yourself to slay your burnout. Together, we can continue to help you live better and feel better.

Are you in?

Good. Because you’re worth it.

In the meanwhile, I have homework for you. Do something nice for yourself! Treat yourself like a loving best friend would. Take yourself on a walk and notice how the season is changing. Eat a salad, for goodness sake. Wash your face, brush your teeth and hit the hay earlier tonight.

Together we can thrive, friends. Let’s do this!

I believe in you,


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Pick up my book if you haven’t already- it’s full of self-care strategies -
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Move it or lose it!

(Working it on a recent vacation in Mexico!)

(Working it on a recent vacation in Mexico!)

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