Breast, Bone, and Brain

Considerations in Women’s Health

Women have health considerations unique to their gender and hormonal make-up. According to the US Census, there are over 126 million women in the U.S. today. As our population ages, women will outnumber men two-to-one. How do we best care for ourselves and our patients in this growing reality?

Breast health, bone health, and brain health are at increased risk for disease and breakdown as the body ages. Breast cancers, osteoporosis, and brain disorders such as dementia and depression are progressively diagnosed. The good news? Women can be proactive in making lifestyle choices to get healthier and live longer. As healthcare providers, we can educate and empower our patients in positive habits for longevity. 

This course will examine multiple systems within the female body that are affected as we age. We will explore practical strategies needed to reduce disease risk, while living healthy and well-balanced lives.


  • Discover best practices for maintaining breast health

  • Investigate strategies for oral and systemic bone health

  • Empower practitioners to employ wellness practices to strengthen the brain