Chocolate, Blueberries, and Wine

Nutritional and Sleep Strategies to Slay Workplace Burnout
Kelli Jaecks, MA, RDH

 In today’s fast -paced, overstressed world, women often place themselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to self-care. Everyone else’s needs come before our own,

both at work and at home. We slog thru our days, feeling low on energy, fuzzy in the brain, with a quick fuse to irritation and anger. No-one wants that!

 What’s the answer?

Self-care is not selfish. In fact, taking care of our physical and emotional needs are actually acts of love for all those we serve in our life. Imagine a workplace infused with positive growth and efficient workdays. The truth is family, community, co-workers - everyone benefits when we are operating at the top of our game.

This presentation will focus on two key areas in self-care- nutrition and sleep.

Sleep and eating to support optimal health are as vital as oxygen to our bodies and brains. Even small changes in these areas will yield big results in our productivity levels and life satisfaction. How can we get more deep, restorative sleep? What simple changes can I make to my daily routines, the items in my kitchen cupboards and grocery lists that will support my good health and wellbeing?

This fun, fast-paced presentation will address these issues and empower women to live their best selves! Attendees will leave with renewed hope in the power of simple strategies they can easily employ in their daily lives.


  • Investigate the power of food to bring heath to the body and brain

  • Discover strategies for better sleep hygiene

  • Create a personal plan to increase overall wellness so you can show up as your best self at work and at home