Dry Mouth and The Munchies

Oral Health and the Cannabis User
Kelli Jaecks, MA, RDH


As more and more states legalize the consumption of this popular plant, cannabis users must ask themselves, how does cannabis affect overall oral health? According to several studies, ongoing cannabis use can lead to higher incidences of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, periodontal disease, and gingivitis.

Good oral health for the cannabis consumer requires that we look at two common side effects of cannabis consumption: dry mouth and snack food consumption. The health of the mouth is greatly affected when it is too dry or is introduced to large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. Whatever way we choose to ingest cannabis, the effect on our mouths should be considered.

This course will cover the basics of how dry mouth and simple carbohydrates affect oral health and the amount of saliva we produce.  It will also cover simple strategies our cannabis users can take to avoid dry mouth, and keep their mouths clean, moist, and cavity-free.


  • Explore what specifically happens in the mouth when we ingest cannabis in any form.

  • Recognize how saliva plays an important role in our health and deserves more of our attention.

  • Identify cannabis strains and terpene profiles that play a large role in dry mouth and the munchies. Which terpenes give us dry mouth? Which strains will help us avoid the munchies altogether?