Kelli’s Audiences


Kelli will inspire, educate, and entertain your audience.


Health Care Professionals


As a healthcare provider herself, Kelli knows firsthand that those who care for the health and well-being of others often place themselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to self-care. Considered to be a “significant player in the healthcare scene” by The Salem Business Journal (2017), Kelli motivates audiences to show up as their best selves - at home and at work.

Corporate and Associations


Kelli works with organizations who want achievable strategies to slay burn-out and optimize their team’s total health.

Warning! May result in increased productivity, decreased turnover, and a boost in overall morale. 

Women’s Conferences


Kelli speaks to women who are burned-out, stressed out, and maxed out. Focusing on women’s health and wellness issues, her programs educate and celebrate women, encourage open dialogue, and provide attendees with self-care strategies to show up as their best selves - at home and at work.

Her keynote gave me useful information to help my patients and myself.
— Conference Attendee, 2019
Kelli was fun, engaging, lively and certainly instructive. Her dynamic energy and entertaining style kept the whole room listening.
— J. Carothers, NSA Member
Kelli is an inspiration
and resource to all women.
— L. Fields Houser, Salem, OR
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