Self-Care Strategies to Slay Workplace Burnout 

Self-care is as important as oxygen. While companies are working hard to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced, overstressed world, many employees are burned out, stressed out, and maxed-out. This results in low employee morale, and decreased performance - the opposite of what a thriving, successful business wants.

By incorporating simple, self-care strategies into our lives, we can slay workplace burnout and rejuvenate our sense of purpose. The simple truth is this: caring for yourself will allow you to show up as your best self at work and at home.

This fast-paced, activity-driven keynote offers four important self-care strategies that will empower your leaders and employees to experience a renewed sense of self and positive workplace culture.


  • Discover the truths behind “healthy employees equal a healthy bottom line”

  • Investigate simple, positive changes to increase personal wellness

  • Evaluate and employ effective stress management techniques

  • Have fun doing it!