Inflammatory Connections Between Oral and Whole Health

Chronic inflammation is reported as the strongest correlation between periodontal disease and systemic disease. While the inflammatory response is considered of prime importance to the body’s immune system in fighting disease, it can also have deleterious effects. When inflammation is unchecked, multiple systems within the body can be negatively affected.

Systemic conditions of heart disease and diabetes are commonly linked to periodontal disease. Current research is uncovering other connections, such as prostate diseases, and colon cancer. What clinical interventions can be employed to fight and prevent inflammation? Can nutrition as a lifestyle intervention reduce systemic inflammation?  This informative and fact-filled course will provide tangible take-home lessons for immediate implementation in your practice.

Course Objectives:
● Recognize the mechanism and role of inflammation in the body.

● Understand periodontal disease as a chronic inflammatory disease, affecting systemic conditions.

● Discover new connections between periodontitis, the prostate and colon cancer.

● Address clinical and nutritional prevention strategies regarding inflammation.

Format: 45-60 Minute Keynote or 90-180 minute Workshop

A perfect fit for:
Women’s Organizations
Health Care Professionals