What is the best way to set up the room?

  • Please make sure the stage or platform is as close to audience as possible, 10 feet or less is great!

  • If Kelli is on a raised platform, please make sure she can get to the audience without having to go backstage.

  • Kelli prefers not to speak from behind a lectern. If the AV requires the computer on stage, a small table will work.

What A/V equipment does Kelli require?

  • Kelli requires the following A/V equipment be provided:

    • Wireless lavaliere microphone

    • LCD projector with the capacity to play audio and video

    • Large screen or screens

    • A small table for Kelli’s props

  • Kelli will bring her program on a MacBook Pro laptop with the appropriate adapters.

Is audio/video recording allowed?

  • No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Kelli’s prior written permission.