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Oxygen, Please!

  1. Self-Care Strategies for the Successful Leader

  2. Strengthening the Practitioner to Better Serve the Patient


Breast, Bone & Brain

Considerations in Women’s Health


Chocolate, Blueberries & Wine

  1. Fighting Inflammation with Clinical and Nutritional Prevention Strategies

  2. Nutritional and Sleep Strategies to Slay Workplace Burnout


Martinis & Menopause

  1. Self-Care Strategies to Beat the Hormone Groan

  2. Exploring Oral & Systemic Implications in Women’s Health


From Dolls to Dames

Reclaim your Brain, Body & Soul


From the Mouth, South

Dental/Medical Connections between Oral Health and Diseases of the Digestive Tract


Cannabis Culture

Clinical Considerations in this Growing Weed World


Dry Mouth & the Munchies

Oral Health and the Cannabis User