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Ignite your Workforce
Empower Women to Thrive

and watch productivity, engagement, and motivation soar.



Ignite your Workforce
Empower Women to Thrive

and watch productivity, engagement, and motivation soar.



You and I both know, your company is only as extraordinary, successful, and profitable as your people are healthy.

Think about it….

All the women in your company that make things happen - That say, “Yep, I’m on it”, and give you their best, often at the detriment of their own mental and physical wellness. Yes, those people.

In today’s changing world any business is at risk if their female workforce is not motivated, engaged, and genuinely feel that they matter. Women in the workforce are the lifeblood of the organization. They support your goals, share their skills, and impact workplace culture. They work to ensure your bottom line doesn’t flatline.

It's time to focus on them!


While working hard to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing environment, it’s easy to become burned-out, stressed-out, and maxed-out. 
The results?
  • Low morale
  • High turnover
  • Low productivity
  • Decreased performance
  • Increase in medical claims
  • Increase in requests for sick days
  • Increase in absenteeism 

The deteriorating health of more than half your workforce is the opposite of what a thriving, successful company wants.

Let’s equip women in the workplace with the tools to end burnout, rejuvenate their sense of purposeand thrive thru change


And…watch productivity, engagement, and motivation soar!


Meet Kelli Jaecks

Professional speaker, published author, and breast cancer survivor, Kelli travels all over the world captivating audiences and speaking with healthcare and corporate professionals who are burned out, stressed out, and maxed out.

Focusing on health and wellness issues, her presentations combine dynamic and information-rich experiences that energize audiences at
events of all sizes. She brings high energy, humor, and ‘real talk’ to her presentations and is adept at customizing her messages to your audience.



By focusing on self-care and wellness strategies for individual women, we can immediately improve workplace culture, communities, and relationships.


 Hiring Kelli puts you in the sweet spot of engagement, equity, and inclusion at the
unique crossroads of where women in the workforce and wellness unite!
 Kelli provides a plan for personal and professional resilience with self-care strategies
that help slay burn-out through fast-paced, engaging presentations and workshops.
 Kelli relates to your audience as a woman who has been in the trenches of change
and conflict. As a health care provider and breast cancer survivor, her wisdom and
down-to-earth stories engage her audiences, and equip them to better manage
change and stress.
 Kelli will empower your workforce to thrive, while you watch productivity,
engagement, and motivation soar

Get Kelli's Top Ten Stress Busters for the Busy Professional

Learn the Top 10 strategies that will set you up to feel great and live your best self!

Through fast-paced, engaging keynote speeches and workshops Kelli provides a plan for personal and professional resilience with self-care strategies that help slay burn-out.

Keynote Speaking and Presentations

Kelli sets the tone for the entire day or closes your event by tying it all together and sending your participants home with hope, laughter, and do-able action steps.

She believes a keynote should inspire and energize the audience! Kelli does that by quickly connecting with audiences, relating to shared experiences, inspiring with personal stories, and anchoring the content with implementable action steps.

All of Kelli’s presentations are customized to your unique audience, no matter the industry. Hiring Kelli puts you in the sweet spot of engagement, equity and inclusion, the unique crossroads of where the women workforce and wellness unite! 

Kelli's most popular programs: 
  • Resilience & Reinvention: The new R&R - How to thrive in times of change.
  • Believe, Invest, Play - Three keys to personal & professional growth
  • Oxygen, please! - Self-Care strategies to slay workplace burnout.
  • Martinis, Millennials, Motherhood & Menopause - Considerations in Women’s Health

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Wellness Accelerator Workshops

Workshops are designed to take the audience through a journey of self-discovery - what is keeping them in the stress - burnout cycle, and how to bust out of that cycle, focus on simple actions of self-support, and be rejuvenated. We focus on wellness strategies and mini-moments of self-care everyone can incorporate into their daily lives. Attendees leave with a personalized plan they can implement to optimize their health and wellbeing.

Bonus: This allows them to show up as their best selves in the workplace, better equipped to handle everyday stressors and impact positive company culture. 

Workshops are designed around the topics and principles found in Kelli’s keynotes:
  • Roadmap to Resilience- Discover your personal roadblocks to change and what fills your tank back up. Focus on creating and maintaining boundaries while honoring your personal and professional needs.

  • Personal Wellness when the World’s gone Crazy- Simple strategies to discover and commit to from 4 key areas of wellness: mindset, movement, nutrition and sleep.

  • The BIP (Believe, Invest, Play) Journey- How to increase positive mindset and move forward towards your goals (Love your Life!) Believe in yourself, Invest in Yourself, and have more fun!

  • Martinis & Menopause- Let’s get real about how Menopause affects our lives as women in the workplace. Talk about it, support one another, and discover real life menopause hacks to feel better and get your life back!


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